Our Ict training offerings are delivered via Finskill Ltd

• Finskill is a training firm fully owned by Fincom Technologies and with a specific mandate.
• Finskill Limited ensures all corporate trainings are very practical, intensive.They are conducted by qualified, efficient and experienced hands on trainers. Finskill aims to:-

• Raise the level of IT knowledge and competency of all computer users
• Improve productivity at work
• Reduce IT support costs
• Ensure that best IT practice and quality issues are understood an implemented.

Our Training courses are:-

• MS OFFICE FOR BUSINESS: This course helps users make best use of Microsoft office suite for maximum productivity.
• WINDOWS 2008/2010: This course is designed to help users understand key features, changes and benefits, and answer common questions about Win 8 technologies. It also helps users learn techniques about this new OS to manipulate files and manage their work quickly
• MICROSOFT EXCHANGE/ MDAEMON: This is a messaging platform that provides emails, scheduling and tools for custom collaboration and messaging service applications.
• A+ USER SUPPORT SKILLS: This is suitable for anyone who already has the MS Office suite Or Basic Concepts in IT knowledge. It’s the first Level of IT Courses to help gather in-depth Skills in Hardware and Software Skills.
• N+ NETWRKING SKILLS:This is a Practical Networking Course for SupportProfessionals.
• QUICKBOOKS: This is the number one accounting software for Small and medium businesses.

More than just a training provider, Finskill under the umbrella of Fincom Technologies is a trusted advisor and training partner, dedicated to skills development. Finskill Limited continues to successfully deliver trainings, either at Fincom offices, venues sourced by Finskill through partnerships or onsite at clients’ own premises.

• In addition, Finskill Limited provides Certificates of attendance to participants at the end of the training sessions.